New theory clarifying working with outcomes. Applies to any sector at the individual, team, organizational, corporate, collaboration/joint venture, sector, regional or national government level.

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Welcome - START HERE. Overview and examples of concepts and insights from outcomes theory. More.

What are outcomes systems? - The basic system every organization or program should have - as essential as having an accounting system. More.

Simplifying terms used when working with outcomes - The current terminological confusion in outcomes work can be eliminated by working visually and avoiding the use of many terms. More

What are outcomes models? - The type of visual model used at the heart of outcomes theory. More.

The building blocks of outcomes systems - The six building blocks of any outcomes system, also known as the six types of evidence for showing that a program 'works'. More.

Outcomes Models

Causal models - how to structure, represent and communicate them - Discusses the options for representing causal models and concludes that a visual representation is the best way. More.

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